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Welcome to the TR GO for GOLD Travel Accessories award feature

On behalf of the TR GO for GOLD awards team, we would like to thank you in advance of submitting your award entry for the fashion category. We fully appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating a successful awards entry, and that is why we have made the TR GO for GOLD awards value added in terms of; being able to use your entry as a marketing document, for benchmarking purposes, for recognition of excellence and best practice and of course business growth.

You probably know by now that these awards are split into product categories and there is an award 'Above and Beyond' which recognises those who work tirelessly to ensure the success of the products sold within Travel Retail.

To build industry confidence in the TR GO for GOLD awards we recruited TR industry and category experts to work with us to create our "Guides to Gold', (an invaluable document for all entries) the judging criteria and of course, actually judging the entries. It was an honour when Jonathan Smith agreed to join our esteemed team of experts.

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All About Travel Accessories

According to a report from Allied Market Research, the global Travel Accessories market was worth $48.2 billion in 2021 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.4% from 2022-2031 to reach $95.7 billion. Increasing per capita incomes and spending on luxury lifestyle choices, coupled with more frequent business and leisure trips are projected to stimulate growth of the likes of travel pillows, blankets and travel bags. Innovation, new technology and adding new lines empower Travel Accessory brands to provide a value-added shopping experience, which also serves to drive spend.

Travel Accessories in Travel Retail are generally regarded as impulse and add-on purchases, so in-store location and eye-catching POS are two key factors. Retailers are keen to source Travel Accessories which appeal to a vast range of customer demographic, have a range of price points with appropriate benefits and which are fast moving.

The subject of sustainability and impact of materials e.g. plastic, on the environment is a growing consideration for today’s Travel Retail consumers. We have seen a marked reduction in plastic in Travel Accessories and their packaging and an increase in materials being recyclable. Travel Retail consumers are also mindful of ‘landfill’ issues that our planet faces and are moving towards products that will last rather than those with a short lifetime. This makes providing a guarantee an effective customer touch point. Both premium and low-end Travel Accessories need to meet these Travel Retail consumer trends.

The benefits of a ‘certified’ product such as a TSA approved lock, can be another valuable customer touch point.

Travel Accessories not only have to be highly functional, TR consumers demand that they look good too!

Travel Accessories collaborator & judge:
Jonathan. Smith

Formerly Travel Retail Director, Travel Blue, 36 years’ experience sales & marketing consumer brands in Travel Retail. The most interesting and challenging retail sector in the world. Specialising in the Travel Products category over the past 12+ years, achieving almost global distribution for Travel Blue as the number one supplier in Travel Retail.He is delighted to be associated with the new concept of the TR Go for Gold awards.

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