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Welcome to the TR GO for GOLD Confectionery & Fine Food award category feature

This is the fourth in our series of articles which features the Confectionery and Fine Food award category. Let's start with the TR GO for GOLD awards mission statement:

“To create an awards whose judging criteria reflects what would attract the attention of a Travel Retail buyer in 2023 in terms of product section and client services. Therefore, making the effort that goes into creating a successful awards entry beneficial in terms of future marketing, benchmarking, and business growth.”

Our judges are well respected category and industry professionals and winning a product category award provides recognition of best practice and excellence across the key disciplines of: product design and development, customer touchpoints and doing the right thing and of course, success.''

All About TR Confectionery and Fine Food 

Whilst the Confectionery category has always been a part of the Travel Retail world, Fine Foods is relatively new. They both sore its market share rise when liquids and gels were banned for security reasons and the expansion of low-cost airlines with a no-frills approach to catering. Today with legacy airlines slimming down the meal offering, Confectionery & Fine Foods has a further role to play through snacking / self-treat.

The traditional role of Confectionery self-treats and gifting remains, whilst Fines Foods especially those which are destination focused, enhance the customer experience and choice.

The range of Confectionery and Fine Food products available in Travel Retail has expanded to have a broad variety from around the world, everything from the iconic UK Mars Bar to Russian Caviar. Many manufacturers have created special editions or exclusive products for this market. The range continues to evolve with changing consumer tastes and preferences reflected by products with sustainability at their heart or featuring healthy, vegan and organic options.

Confectionery and FIne Food collaborator & judge:
Martyn Westbury

In 1980, Martyn joined Mars Confectionery as a Graduate. During his tenure, he got to work and cover every sales role, different channels and sectors. He spent 13 years working in the Duty-Free/Travel Retail arena. In 2004 he joined TRC and went through the Chair and then in 2016 took on the role of Treasurer. In 2013 he set up his own business and now also work for a supplier to the Duty-Free industry called ‘Newthing’ – who put sustainable & innovative products first. “Becoming a collaborator and judge of the new TR ‘GO for GOLD’ awards, means I can use my experience and knowledge to help drive standards, which means everyone benefits”.

Image by Patrick Fore
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