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Welcome to the TR GO for GOLD Luggage category award feature

On behalf of the TR GO for GOLD awards team, we would like to thank you in advance of submitting your award entry for the fashion category. We fully appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating a successful awards entry, and that is why we have made the TR GO for GOLD awards value added in terms of; being able to use your entry as a marketing document, for benchmarking purposes, for recognition of excellence and best practice and of course business growth.

You probably know by now that these awards are split into product categories and there is an award 'Above and Beyond' which recognises those who work tirelessly to ensure the success of the products sold within Travel Retail.

To build industry confidence in the TR GO for GOLD awards we recruited TR industry and category experts to work with us to create our "Guides to Gold', (an invaluable document for all entries) the judging criteria and of course, actually judging the entries. It was an honour when David Butler agreed to join our esteemed team of experts.

All About TR Luggage

According to Technavio the recovering global travel and tourism industry is notably driving market growth in this category. Therefore, the main competitors in the industry are using advanced technology and research to design stylish and versatile products according to travel consumer preferences. Luggage has to meet the different needs of the travelling consumer including business travel, leisure, or sports. In addition, there are now innovative models that help reduce neck pain, back strain, and shoulder fatigue while traveling.

Luggage in the main is a fashion statement as well as being lighter, more durable and compact than ever before due to airline rules and regulations. Travel Retail consumers want the same thing but for different reasons; not having to check-in luggage and for a fast getaway at their destination.

Major competitors in the Travel Retail Luggage Category have emerged in terms of product development with the popularity of multi-purpose luggage being launched.

Travel consumers will find luggage in Travel Retail stand alone and multi product stores with the high-end brands often choosing the stand alone option.

The high product replacement cycle is a major challenge impeding the Travel Retail Luggage Category. Raw materials have increased significantly in price and lack of supply makes production and meeting deadlines difficult.

The average piece of Travel Retail Luggage lasts approximately three years. In addition, luggage companies that offer important warranties and guarantees extend the replacement period of quality luggage and accessories even more.

There is a noticeable rise in demand for men’s luggage which meets the needs of the fashion aware Travel Retail consumer.

Luggage collaborator & judge:
Jonathan Smith

Formerly Travel Retail Director, Travel Blue, 36 years’ experience sales & marketing consumer brands in Travel Retail. The most interesting and challenging retail sector in the world. Specialising in the Travel Products category over the past 12+ years, achieving almost global distribution for Travel Blue as the number one supplier in Travel Retail.
He is delighted to be associated with the new concept of the TR Go for Gold awards.

Image by Erik Mclean
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