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Welcome to the TR GO for GOLD Fragrance category award feature

On behalf of the TR GO for GOLD awards team, we would like to thank you in advance of submitting your award entry for the fashion category. We fully appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating a successful awards entry, and that is why we have made the TR GO for GOLD awards value added in terms of; being able to use your entry as a marketing document, for benchmarking purposes, for recognition of excellence and best practice and of course business growth.

You probably know by now that these awards are split into product categories and there is an award 'Above and Beyond' which recognises those who work tirelessly to ensure the success of the products sold within Travel Retail.

To build industry confidence in the TR GO for GOLD awards we recruited TR industry and category experts to work with us to create our "Guides to Gold', (an invaluable document for all entries) the judging criteria and of course, actually judging the entries. It was an honour when Karen Noronha agreed to join our esteemed team of experts.

All About TR Fragrance

Introduction: It is no secret that fragrance brands remain a significant contributor to Travel Retail. Not only do they rake in the big bucks, but the whole Travel Retail environment is constantly bedazzled with the excitement of new fragrance launches and Travel Retail experiences. Travel Retail is a key platform for fragrance brands to showcase their products, creating opulent product offerings for the Travel Retail consumer.

In 2016, fragrances and cosmetics accounted for more than 30% of the Travel Retail market share, and by 2023, it is said to be anticipated to dominate the global market. Furthermore, this segment is growing since fragrances can be purchased at tax-free prices. Price, brand loyalty, sustainability and innovation are the major consumer trends that influence fragrance purchases within Travel Retail.

Fragrance collaborator & judge:
Karen Noronha

Formerly Travel Retail Category Manager for Fashion ready-to-wear, handbags, small leather goods, sunglasses and Jewelry. Karen started her journey in Travel Retail in 2011 with the Dufry Group. She has worked with clients and the team in Basel to turn around the categories she was managing, making them profit making entities with new product offerings and brands. Lastly, she worked with LVMH at Benefit Cosmetics to manage the existing stores while also opening new points of sale in the Middle East owning market share and ranking. Prior to this Karen was responsible for setting up the Travel Retail department with Fragrances and watches through the distribution arm of Paris Gallery in Dubai. Her skills are mainly concentrated on category and brand management, sales, buying and merchandising, planning, setting up and rolling out new stores.

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