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Welcome to the TR GO for GOLD Fashion category award feature

On behalf of the TR GO for GOLD awards team, we would like to thank you in advance of submitting your award entry for the fashion category. We fully appreciate the time and effort that goes into creating a successful awards entry, and that is why we have made the TR GO for GOLD awards value added in terms of; being able to use your entry as a marketing document, for benchmarking purposes, for recognition of excellence and best practice and of course business growth.

You probably know by now that these awards are split into product categories and there is an award 'Above and Beyond' which recognises those who work tirelessly to ensure the success of the products sold within Travel Retail.

To build industry confidence in the TR GO for GOLD awards we recruited TR industry and category experts to work with us to create our "Guides to Gold', (an invaluable document for all entries) the judging criteria and of course, actually judging the entries. It was an honour when Liz Woodland agreed to join our esteemed team of experts.

All About TR Fashion

The Fashion Category has become a major contributor to the overall success of Travel Retail in most distribution channels around the world.  Originally fashion departments were all featured in the main store, either in generic departments or in personalized corners, but single brand boutiques are now very common for the fashion category, although some fashion departments are still featured in some main stores, depending on the concession contract.  Fashion brands can reach a wider customer base through access to travellers and build their brand awareness.  Luxury fashion brands being available in Travel Retail emphasizes a luxury aspect to travel.

Some retailers are uniting fashion brands whose offer includes special lifestyle products; it is not about presenting the full assortment of a brand, but about bringing together an extensive assortment of different brands curated in a themed style, so travellers can quickly get an overview of the entire range while shopping for a complete look.

Fashion collaborator & judge:
Liz Woodland

Liz has worked in the TR industry for over 30 years, initially with DFS UK as fashion buyer, and then working in Hong Kong, UK and Switzerland for various retailers during successive roles. Although fashion was her initial category, she became responsible for all categories in global roles. Her last corporate position was Chief Procurement Officer for Dufry.

In 2006 she started a consulting company - Consulting for Retail, working over the years with many leading brands. Now semi-retired, she is looking forward to judging the GO for Gold awards for the Fashion Category.

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