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Children's Toys

Welcome to the TR GO for GOLD
Children's Toy award category feature

We are delighted to publish a series of articles each featuring a specific award category. We aim to demonstrate our ambition to provide a TR industry awards which will serve to add value (benchmarking, marketing and driving growth opportunities), provide transparency, quality assurance and most of all recognition of excellence and best practice for products sold within the TR sector and those who work tirelessly to make them successful.


Potential entries are reminded that they are not competing against each other, instead they are striving to achieve the GOLD award. Feedback will be made available.

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About Children's Toys in Travel Retail.

The Children’s Toy Category is one of the most exciting, colourful and fun product categories within TR which also provides entertainment and therefore relaxation, for all family members when travelling together. This category can be split into two clear reasons to buy: firstly, the gifting item for a child back home and in some cases whilst travelling, and secondly, the entertainment value whilst travelling e.g. a travel game or activity set.


Children’s Toy’s sold within TR are different to the domestic market. Size matters. Large boxes are not an option due to lack of merchandising space and airline luggage restrictions. One similarity, however, is safety and the usual kitemarks and age appropriateness labelling.


Manufacturers have a fine line to tread, with the challenge of reducing plastic packaging whilst still maintaining hygiene standards. This is especially relevant to plush toys which are usually sold in sealed packaging.


Local mascot cuddly toys and puzzles with local imagery can support the ‘sense of place’ category and being able to respond to trends such as special events/occasions, famous people, etc will be something that TR buyers will expect.


Figurine and plush toys can be considered as collectables, e.g., carebears, and characters from a children’s TV show or film often attract the attention of the travelling consumer.

Children's Toy Category
Expert & Judge - Jonathan Corbett

Jonathan Corbett. Formerly business owner, Wandering Monkey.

For over 22 years Jonathan has been involved in the Duty Free and Travel Retail Industry. 12 of those years were running his own toy business called The Wandering Monkey Co., creating, sourcing and suppling children’s products to the Travel Retail business across all channels. He has worked with some great brands over the years and gained some amazing experience understanding the multiple sales channels in the Duty Free / Travel Retail market and how to make products suitable. He is currently work as an independent consultant with brands and companies supplying this great marketplace.

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